Auto Integrate

This platform has been designed to support fleet management companies, as well as large national and independent vendors...

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Auto Integrate

Auto Integrate is a web-based ‘real time’ maintenance authorisation tool that has been developed specifically for the US and Canadian fleet management service industry and its vendors. It streamlines existing transactional workflow to deliver enhanced operational efficiencies, adding a new dimension to the way fleet management companies and their suppliers interact.

Featuring an integrated workflow management system and a fully customizable rules engine, it speeds up the automated authorization of standard repairs. It therefore dramatically reduces the time taken to register details of required work and obtaining authorization.

The result is a reduction in decision times to less than a second for automated authorizations and under 2 minutes for a request sent to the FMC to authorize.

In addition, the platform has been developed with the highest level of security and operational resilience. Auto Integrate is hosted in a fully resourced and supported environment.

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The Auto Integrate platform has been designed to support the full spectrum of industry users and fleet management companies, as well as large national suppliers and smaller, independent vendors...

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