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Auto Integrate has been designed with all key user groups in mind and we have tried to provide clear benefits for each party. Benefits for the independent shops include;

Simple user interface - Auto Integrate has been developed to be simple and easy to use and is available on the web. This means there is no requirement for investment in new equipment or to download any new software.

Secure - A secure login provides access to a system interface that has been designed to make entering details of required work and gaining authorization to proceed as simple as possible.

Convenient - Independent shops no longer have to phone through details of required work to their fleet management company and wait on the telephone for authority to complete.

Speed - After submitting the request online, they will either receive an immediate confirmation to proceed, or, where the fleet management companies have to refer the request, they will receive a system update as soon as the approval has been granted. On average, for 50% of transactions, the repair order request and approval process will take less than 2 minutes.

Centralized – Independent shops will be able to transact with all of the fleet management clients on one platform.

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The Auto Integrate platform has been designed to support the full spectrum of industry users and fleet management companies, as well as large national suppliers and smaller, independent vendors...

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