Truck Authorize

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This is a continuation of the Auto Integrate web based Authorization System...

Truck Authorize

Truck Authorize is currently in development and will be launched during 2018. It is a continuation of the Auto Integrate web based Authorization System.

Capabilities of Truck-Auth include;

  • Identify assets – Unit, Trailer and lift etc.
  • Covers all plant equipment
  • Detailed information on Unit – Engine / Transmission and configuration.
  • Unit / Trailer assignment.
  • Ability to record asset movements.
  • Document tracking and storage.
  • Client website for data updates and reporting / alerts.
  • Dedicated FM tools for scheduling, asset control, downtime management.
  • Dedicated service codes for plant applications.
  • PM schedule for all asset types.
  • DOT document upload.

Mobile APP Technology featuring within the platform;

  • Daily inspections
  • Vehicle documents
  • Push messages – next service,Alerts
  • Breakdown notifications
  • Vendor / truck stop search facility
  • Repair Drop off notification
  • Down time collection notification
  • Driver Access to relevant information Mobile Repairers 24/7 Authorization Benefits of Truck-Auth
  • Separate reporting on each asset
  • All the benefits of Electronic Authorization
  • Enhanced downtime management
  • Allows FMC client access to system to add information
  • A system designed for Truck & Plant
  • Enhances your offering to new Truck clients
  • Integrated into existing Truck Data

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