After a number of years successfully servicing the Fleet Management industry with our web-based authorization system we have now branched out into the warranty market.

The core functionality of the Auto Integrate platform allows for basic warranty transactions to take place between warranty providers and vehicle service suppliers. We are now working with clients to extend the core Auto Integrate system with modules specific for the warranty market.

These modules will bring further efficiencies and time advantages to warranty providers and vehicle service suppliers. Warranty providers will be able to take advantage of our large bank of active national and independent vehicle service providers.

Once these extensions are complete the full benefits to Warranty providers will include include;

  • Encompass all vehicle warranty types including;
    • Time and mileage limited warranty
    • Standard vehicle service contract
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Specialist cover warranty
  • Back office system integration
  • Auto rejection of work not covered by warranty
  • Auto approval of low risk items
  • Photographic evidence capture
  • Efficient electronic approval process
  • Deductible management
  • Parts and labor cost control

If you are interested in our Warranty product, please complete the form to the side and a member of our team will get in touch.

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The Auto Integrate platform has been designed to support the full spectrum of industry users and fleet management companies, as well as large national suppliers and smaller, independent vendors...

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