Auto Integrate has launched the ability for Fleet Management Companies to request documents to support the Repair Order approval process. If a Repair Order is submitted back to you with a request for documents then you will need to make use of the new upload portal.



The upload portal functionality is designed to work with all existing point of sale (POS) leveraging the existing notes functionality. If you check the notes on your POS, you will find one including details of the new document upload portal URL and the upload PIN.



The upload portal is designed to work with a variety of different devices, including mobile, tablet and desktop. Gather the documents required with either your personal mobile or a corporate device (where available). Then browse on the same device to https://upload.autointegrate.com and you will be prompted for the PIN displayed on the Repair Order. Enter the PIN and tap “Continue -> “.



In order the confirm that the Repair Order you are trying to upload to is correct, you will be asked to validate the VIN of vehicle associated to the Repair Order. Please enter the last 8 characters of the VIN number and tap “Continue ->”.



The document portal is designed to work in harmony with your mobile device and allows you to select all of the files you wish to upload before you upload them all at once. Tap “+ Add Files” and browse to the relevant documents on your device. Select all of the documents you wish to upload to the Repair Order.



When you have finished selecting the documents you wish to attach, you can check that the documents listed ready for upload are correct. Be sure to select the relevant file types for each document by clicking the highlighted ‘File Type’ drop down.

If any documents were selected in error tap “Cancel Upload” and start again. If you are happy with the documents listed, tap “Start Upload” to begin the file transfer. The progress bar will indicate when the upload is complete.



Once all queued documents have been uploaded successfully, they will be automatically submitted for a virus scan. Any documents that fail the scan will be removed. Once this has completed, all documents that pass the scan will appear complete with thumbnail and will be available to the Fleet Management Company for review within the Repair Order.